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ck, Makr Carry Goods cortical Bag, see which one you like.Dear friends note: due to the production batch is different, the inner bags will be slightly different, this is not a quality problem To close the shen oh!! 6.18 this bag all the color has been sold out, need a reservation three color, first payment, first delivery!You hurry up! 6. ray ban glasses uk ag for my daughter who adores it. Very well made and looks great. I would definitely recommend, it suits most outfits and is a good size. Experted what it said on the website. Very .good quality and genuine. beautiful bag so happy with it my daughter wants one now well done to the seller as fast delivery, and very punctual, and very good value for money, very good quality. I will definatetly use this seller again. THANK YOU. This bag is bea sac michael kors bag straps are too short but this one goes longer than I need it and can easily be shortened as well. As the bag itself is a coated material (PVC?? ) it wipes clean easily. I do think that leather strap will get a patina with time. All-in-all I am rather pleased with the purchase. A practical bag which I will use daily This review is about the actual bag, not the shipping service. Th.